Malayan Govt. Forces

Pingat Khidmat Berbakti
(General Sevice Medal for Malayan Govt.Forces)


The Malay Regt.,Police and Auxillary Air Force participated in the Emergency from the start,the Senoi Praak were formed in the mid 50's. The Government also raised other units "Ferret Force", "Perak Aboriginal Constabulary" , "Malayan Scouts-later to become 22 SAS" ,"Dyak Trackers(Sarawak Rangers) who gave sterling service","Federation Regt."-to provide a military option for non Malays-,"Malayan Naval Force" -for coastal patrols and the "Home Guard"-formed as an extention of the Briggs Plan to provide self defence capabilities for New Villages and Kampongs". The Singapore Regt.and Singapore Artillery were also employed. During the Confrontation period the Royal Malaysian Army,Navy,Air Force and Police plus the Sarawak Rangers were engaged.

Malay Regt. Navy Police Senoi Praak


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